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simplehosting.com began hosting web pages in 1995. originally we hosted sites for other companies that we were associated with. Eventually we branched out and began hosting sites for many small businesses and community organizations. Many businesses found our reliability and low rates very appealing.

Having used the previous three years to cater exclusively to our customers hosting needs, in 1998 we began developing web sites for our customers. We realized that while the majority of our customers simply needed a server to host their web presence, many of our customers could not create a professional site on their own, and were looking to us for assistance.

Once again we struck a chord with our customers by providing them with professional looking web sites that were very affordable. This is the time that our name became our vision. While many of our competitors try to be all things to all people, we cater exclusively to the small businesses and community organizations that want a clean, functional, and above all, simple web site. While we are able to provide our customers with more advanced web features, our goal is to cater to organizations that don't want anything too complicated.

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