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How to Use Your Web Site

There are a number of things that you can put on your website to make it more interesting. One thing you can use are animated gifs, like the dancing Click to the left. Be careful though, moderation is very important when deciding to use animated gifs. Too much and your page won't be novel, it will be annoying.

Another option for making your web pages more exciting would be to add sound to them. Sound can really help to set the mood for your viewers.

Finally you can use video to dress up your site. When putting video on your site, try to make sure your files are as small as possible. Not everyone is using a cable modem to access the internet just yet. Another tip is to create two versions of your movie. One that is low quality with a small file size for people using slow connections, and another that is higher quality with a larger file size for people with faster connections. Be sure to indicate to your viewers which link to follow to get to each version and let them know the file size. You can use the following format:

simplehosting.com promo - Real Player (593K)
simplehosting.com promo - Quicktime Movie (2.9M)

For detailed information of how the animated gif and the movie were created, click here.

Yet another way to utilize your web site is to use Flash animation. Flash is an application that is created by Macromedia. To learn more about Flash, click here.
In order to see an example of what Flash can do for a web site, click here, and to see an explanation of the Flash movie from the previous link was created, click here.

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